Books — Nonfiction

Virginia G. Drachman, Sisters in Law:  Women Lawyers in Modern American History (1998)

Virginia G. Drachman, Women Lawyers and the Origins of Professional Identity in America:  The Letters of the Equity Club, 1887 to 1890 (1993)

Group Biographical Profiles

Finding Justice: A History of Women Lawyers in Maryland Since 1642 (Hon. Lynne A. Battaglia ed., 2015)

Ronald Chester, Unequal Access:  Women Lawyers in a Changing America (1985)

Ruth Williams Cupp, Portia Steps Up to the Bar:  The First Women Lawyers of South Carolina (2003)

Debora K. Kristensen, The First 50 Women in Idaho Law:  1895-1975 (2005)

Called From Within:  Early Women Lawyers of Hawai’i (Mari J. Matsuda ed., 1992)

Karen Berger Morello, The Invisible Bar:  The Woman Lawyer in America — 1638 to the Present (1986)

Jill Norgren, Rebels at the Bar:  The Fascinating, Forgotten Stories of America’s First Women Lawyers (2013)

Clay Smith, Jr., Rebels in Law:  Voices in History of Black Women Lawyers (2000)

Pioneering Women Lawyers:  From Kate Stoneman to the Present (Patricia E. Salkin ed., 2008)

Wisconsin Pioneers in the Law:  The First 150 Women

Biographies and Autobiographies of Individual Attorneys/Judges

Florence Ellinwood AllenTo Do Justly (1965)

Jeanette E. Tuve:  First Lady of the Law:  Florence Ellinwood Allen (1984)

Jane M. Friedman, America’s First Woman Lawyer:  The Biography of Myra Bradwell (1993)

One Woman Determined to Make a Difference:  The Life of Madeleine Zabriskie Doty (Alice Duffy Rinehart ed., 2001)

Barbara Babcock, Woman Lawyer:  The Trials of Clara Foltz (2011)

Marianne ElliottZen Under Fire:  How I Found Peace in the Midst of War (2013)

Tiera FarrowLawyer in Petticoats (1953)

Nancy GertnerIn Defense of Women:  Memoirs of an Unrepentent Advocate (2011)

Margaret Gruter (with Eric Morhenn), Searching for Justice and Living Without It (1999)

Ted Berkman, The Lady and the Law:  The Remarkable Life of Fanny Holtzmann (1976)

Dorothy S. Shawhan & Martha H. Swain, Lucy Somerville Howorth: New Deal Lawyer, Politician, and Feminist from the South (2006)

Ann Fagan Ginger, Carol Weiss King:  Human Rights Lawyer, 1895-1952 (1993)

Jill Norgren, Belva Lockwood:  The Woman Who Would Be President (2007)

Marlene Trestman, Fair Labor Lawyer:  The Remarkable Life of New Deal Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate Bessie Margolin (2016)

Alice M. McClanahanHer Father’s Partner:  The Story of a Lady Lawyer (1958)

Elisabeth Israels Perry, Belle Moskowitz:  Feminine Politics & the Exercise of Power in the Age of Alfred Smith (1987)

Terrys T. OlenderFor the Prosecution:  Miss Deputy D.A. (1961)

Dorothy M. Brown, Mabel Walker Willebrandt:  A Study of Power, Loyalty, and Law (1984)


Mary Jane Mossman, The First Women Lawyers:  A Comparative Study of Gender, Law and the Legal Professions (2006)

Fred Strebeigh, Equal:  Women Reshape American Law (2009)

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