Women’s Legal History and Biography Project —

ABA Women Trailblazer’s Project

Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library  on the History of Women in America

National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations —

“Celebrating the anniversary of the admission of the first woman lawyer to the Illinois bar, Bar None: 125 Years of Women Lawyers in Illinois explores the historical significance of the first generation of Illinois woman lawyers.”

“Maine Women Attorneys: A Photo History” (and a chronological chart)

New York Women’s Bar Association —

History of Women in the Profession Committee, North Carolina Bar Association

Women Trailblazers in the Law: Utah’s First 100 Women Lawyers

Click to access Women-Trailblazers-in-the-Law-Booklet.pdf

“Women’s Legal History — A Reading List,” by Tracy Thomas

Researching Women as Lawyers —

“Women’s History Matters” —

“Ms. JD — Determined to Rise”

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