12/27/1889+++++Knowles, Ella L.

07/17/1901+++++Kennedy, Eveleen
11/06/1902+++++Harris, Josephine
06/16/1906+++++Kennedy, Pearl
11/17/1906+++++Madeen, Emma
12/18/1909+++++Lambert, Anna Marie

06/23/1910+++++Young, Marguerite R.
06/10/1912+++++Miles, Cora C.
12/24/1914+++++Fasel, Elsa M.
06/22/1915+++++Cannon, Harvena M.
07/06/1915+++++Selfridge, Bernice*
06/29/1915+++++Wilson, Nellie J.
07/08/1916+++++Federle, Hedwig E.
10/09/1916+++++Abbott, Ethel S.
06/12/1917+++++Roscow, Jessie
11/05/1917+++++Stephens, Florence W.
03/25/1918+++++Coles, Cynthia
06/17/1918+++++Rankin, Edna*
06/17/1918+++++Bailey, Jane*
06/17/1918+++++Garrigus, Mary Frances*
07/05/1918+++++MacNamara, Nellie
12/16/1918+++++Glover, Helen A.
06/10/1919+++++Sloan, Emily E.
09/08/1919+++++Fitzgerald, Teresa M.
00/00/1919+++++Roper, Eglantine Bessette

06/14/1920+++++Fredericks, Helen*
12/12/1921+++++Neyman, Fanney
06/12/1923+++++Schnebly, Lois Harriet James*
06/16/1925+++++Fitz, Virginia Marie McGuire*
06/15/1926+++++MacDonald, Geraldine O’Hara Grant*
12/09/1926+++++Steele, Louise A.

06/10/1930+++++Elge, Frances C.*
07/11/1930+++++Crenshaw, Mabel
06/25/1931+++++Knudson, Laura Page Barncord
06/07/1932+++++Hannifin Dorothy M.*
06/06/1933+++++Arnoldson, Astrid*
06/07/1938+++++McDowell, Margaret Holmes*
01/03/1939+++++Reynolds, Sara Jane

06/04/1940+++++Mueller, Dorothy Jeanne*
06/10/1941+++++Dool, Charlotte Alexander*
09/26/1941+++++Harris, Juanita Newton
09/26/1941+++++Stotesbury, Norma E. Skarsten
09/30/1943+++++Granum, Elizabeth Kline
05/31/1944+++++Hennessy, Geraldine E. M.*
06/02/1945+++++Sias, Betty Ann*
06/11/1946+++++[Galt], Louise Replogle*
10/28/1948+++++Stallings, Kathryn
12/17/1948+++++Poppler, Doris M. Swords*

*Asterisks designate graduates of the University of Montana School of Law.

The bolded name is the last name of the lawyer on the date she applied for admission to the Montana Bar.

2 thoughts on “THE 48 PIONEERS

  1. Attorney Schnebly Lois Harriet James , my paternal grandmother, should have her maiden name James emboldened as that was her last name when she applied for admission to the Montana Bar. Also— you failed to recognize her here with an Asterisk by her name as she was indeed a graduate of University of Montana School of Law. You state that she was in other parts of this online publication on Montana’s early women lawyers. Would you be able to make these corrections please? And thank you for having done all this. Any further information on my grandmother would be very welcomed as I am her last closest living relative. Thank you


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