Emily E. Sloan ’19

First Female County Attorney in Montana (Carbon County) 1/1925-12/1926


I am in the process of writing a full-length biography of Emily E. Sloan.  As part of that process, three of her essays have been published; I have written forewords.

+++++Emily E. Sloan, When a Woman Campaigns, 74 Mont. L. Rev. 355 (2013); and
+++++Bari R. Burke, Foreword to When a Woman Campaigns:  Emily Sloan’s Races to Become Montana’s First Female County Attorney, 74 Mont. L. Rev. 343 (2013),  Available at: http://scholarship.law.umt.edu/faculty_lawreviews/91

+++++Emily E. Sloan,The Coming American Woman, 59 Tenn. L. Rev. 469 (1992); and
+++++Bari R. Burke, Afterword: Pulling for the Shore of Independence 59 Tenn. L. Rev. 479 (1992)

+++++Emily E. Sloan, Completing My Education, 52 Mont. L. Rev. 419 (1991);
+++++Bari R. Burke & Margaret Bentwood, Honoring Emily E. Sloan: A Special Student, 52 Mont. L. Rev. 429 (1991).

15 October 1917 — Anaconda Standard — “From Writing Poems Mrs. Sloan Turns to the Law”

+++++“Seven years spent on the range in Eastern Montana when there were few settlers was the source of inspiration for the poems of Mrs. Emily Sloan, a student in the law school at the state university.
+++++Mrs. Sloan is well known in the eastern part of the state and in North Dakota  [sic — South Dakota] as the poetess of the plains, being best known because of her ‘Ballads of the Plains,’ published first in 1908. She is at present writing new poems and expects to publish another volume soon.
+++++The poetess has taken up the study of law because her four children are almost grown and it is her desire to have some active occupation during the middle years of her life. She studied law for two years while at home, occupied in herding her sheep and cattle. She expects to take the bar examination in June and will practice in Montana.”


One thought on “Emily E. Sloan ’19

  1. Emily Sloan was my great grandmother. Her daughter, Elsie Sloan Face, was my grandmother. I appreciate what I have learned about her online. The horse photo I have never seen before.


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