Hedwig E. Federle ’16

Full name: Hedwig Eleanor Federle Anstett Newman


+++++2 August 1888, in Bohemia/Austria


++++++Joseph Federle and Francis Czerney


+++++3 brothers and 2 sisters


+++++University of Wisconsin 1905-1907

Legal Education:

+++++Silver Bow Law School (2 months)

June 7, 1916 — Anaconda Standard

+++++“To Practice Law.
+++++Helena. Twenty-one applicants for license to practice law in Montana will take an examination before the supreme court tomorrow, 20 men and 1 woman, the latter being Miss Hedwig Federle of Butte. . . .”


  • Percy William Anstett (1917); divorced (sometime in 1919)
  • John Newman (married 1919); divorced (1927)


+++++Jacqueline Newman (born about 1922)


  • 1930 — Vocal Teacher
  • 1934 — Real Estate Broker
  • 1940 — Retired Attorney


+++++14 July 1957, in Napa, CA

The 1908 Badger, University of Wisconsin [Yearbook], page 612:

+++++“Learn Your Fortune
Professor Jastrow, Psychic Philosopher and Strangely Inspired Subconscious Astrologer. Your friends are lucky because they have consulted me or my assistants, specialists of life-long experience and men of fortune. Consult:
BdS — Astrologer for marriage
AJG — Astrologer for business success
TJM — Astrologer for success in politics
Hedwig Federle — Astrologer for love
DM — Astrologer for society
ASM — Astrologer for physical prowess
Address: Professor Jeremiah Jastro, Hall of Science”

29 June 1919 — San Francisco Chronicle
+++++“William P. Anstett was legally married to another woman at the time he took her as his wife, Hedwig E. Anstett alleges in her suit for divorce filed today.”

17 August 1926 — San Francisco Chronicle

“Cruelty Claim in Wife’s Suit — Mrs. Hedwig Newman Asks for Divorce and $200 a Month in Alimony”
+++++“John Newman, proprietor of Newman Pattern Works, believed that it was ‘cheaper to bury a wife than to pay alimony,’ Mrs. Hedwig Newman, 1124 Warfield avenue, Piedmont, charges in her divorce complaint, filed yesterday in Oakland. Newman paid undue attention to other women, she alleges, and while he was parsimonious with his family he bought expensive presents for other women, she says.
+++++Mrs. Newman blames her husband for the death of their second child, charging that at the time of the infant’s birth he failed to provide medical attention for her and the child. She also charges that Newman’s two daughters by a former marriage abuse her, and that the elder, 16 years old, has beaten her.
+++++Mrs. Newman asks $200 a month alimony and custody of their 5-year-old daughter. The couple married October 21, 1919, and separated July 12, last. She also asks a restraining order to prevent his disposing of community property valued at several thousand dollars.”

6 July 1930 — San Diego Union

“Only 11 Women Are Candidates on 1930 Ballot”
+++++“Despite its voluminous array of names, California’s 1930 ballot lacks that feminine touch! . . . .
+++++Standard bearer of the little band of feminine candidates is Clara Shortridge Foltz, Los Angeles gubernatorial contestant . . . .”
+++++Hedwig E. Newman, Piedmont, has a two-man contest for a place on the 37th district.”

29 October 1932 — San Francisco Chronicle

“Man’s Estate Assessed For Care of Child”
+++++“The State Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a father’s obligation to support a minor child survives his death and becomes a charge against his estate, if the obligation has been fixed by a property settlement and confirmed by a divorce decree.  Mrs. Hedwig E. Newman of Oakland sought to have $7400 taken from the estate of her former husband, John Newman, to assure payment of $50 a month for their daughter Jacqueline, 12. The Superior Court sustained a demurrer to the claim, but the Supreme Court reversed the lower court, found the action proper, directed the lower court to overrule a demurrer to Mrs. Newman’s action and hear the action.”

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