Jane Bailey ’18

University of Montana School of Law, Class of 1918


+++++25 December 1878, in Wisconsin


+++++Ralph Meigher and Mary Tallent


+++++Henry Theron Bailey


+++++Audrey and Henry

Legal Education:

+++++LL.B., University of Montana School of Law, 1915-1918


+++++Juvenile Probation Officer


+++++8 July 1974, in Missoula, Montana

+++++“Jane Bailey, at age 35, entered the University of Montana as a married woman and mother of two children in 1914 and was graduated with a B.A. and LL.B. in 1918. She was among the first women to graduate from the Law School.
+++++In 1919 she took the job of juvenile probation officer for the fourth judicial district and held that position for 32 years.  She was named as Business Woman of the Year by the Missoula Business and Professional Women’s Club in 1959 for her years of service to youth.
+++++Mrs. Bailey was a charter member of the Board of Directors for the YWCA when it formed in 1911 and worked in many capacities to strengthen and support the Y program for more than 48 years.
+++++She also established a private law practice after she retired as juvenile probation officer and practiced for many years.”

+++++Unidentified source

8 May 1929 — Independent Record

+++++“Women Attorneys Fight Case Out in Deer Lodge Court

+++++What is said by attorneys to be the first occasion in the history of Montana courts when two women lawyers were found on opposing sides of the same case, happened in the district court when the case of Lowery against Jakways, came up for hearing before Judge Winston. Miss Virginia McGuire appeared as associate counsel with W. E. Keeley, representing the plaintiff, and Mrs. Jane Bailey of Missoula is one of the attorneys for the defendant. The suit was brought in an effort to have the court hold that a certain mortgage on real estate is a deed.”

21 June 1930 — Independent Record

+++++“Commission Upon Crime in Session — Juvenile Laws Held Defective

+++++A . N. Whitlock, former dean of the University of Montana law school, this afternoon argued for permission of judges to comment upon evidence in criminal cases, in the hearing before the Montana Crime commission here.  Mr. Whitlock’s argument was in support of similar statements made by Walter L. Pope and D. N. Mason, county attorney of Missoula, at the morning session.  Opposition to the plan was voice by Ronald Higgins of Missoula.
+++++Juvenile Law
+++++Mrs. Jane Bailey, probation officer of the fourth judicial district, reviewed defects of the juvenile law, declaring that an entirely new statute is needed. Establishment of a detention home and combining of the office of probation officers and bureau of child welfare, were among other things that Mrs. Bailey advocated.”

20 April 1958 — Daily Inter Lake

+++++“Missoula women honored were . . . Mrs. Jane Bailey . . . . Mrs. Jane Bailey, now retired, was probation officer for the Fourth Judicial District for 42 years. Through the years she has maintained an active interest in the work of the First Christian Church and the Young Women’s Christian Association.”

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