Mary Frances Garrigus ’18

University of Montana School of Law, Class of 1918
First Native American Woman (Crow) to graduate from UMSLgarrigus


+++++22 August 1891, in Columbus, Montana


+++++William Brewer Garrigus and Margaret Elizabeth Hundley Garrigus Porter


+++++1 brother and 2 sisters


+++++Billings High School Class of 1912

Undergraduate Education:

+++++University of Montana , 1912-

Legal Education:

+++++LL.B., University of Montana School of Law 1918


  • Assistant in Law Library
  • Nurse


+++++30 November 1918, in Red Lodge, Montana, of the Spanish flu

+++++“Mary Frances Garrigus was born at Stillwater, Mont., on August 22, 1891 to William Brewer Garrigus and Margaret Elizabeth Gasia Garrigus. The family moved to Billings sometime prior to 1910 where Frances graduated from high school in 1912. She studied at the University of Montana during the academic year 1914-1915. In June 1918, she was one of three women to graduate from the law school at the university. By the September 1918 she was working as an instructor at the Carbon County High School in Red Lodge. During the influenza outbreak Frances served as a volunteer nurse at the emergency hospital. She contracted the disease while there and died of pneumonia on November 30, 1918.”

+++++“Mary Frances Garrigus was a nurse from Missoula, and received a degree in law from The University of Montana in 1918. She died of influenza November 30, 1918, and was buried December 3, 1918 in the Mountain View Cemetery in Billings, Montana.”

“Frances Garrigus:

+++++If you take advice from Frances
+++++You can never come to harm;
+++++For she goes about campus
+++++With a law book ‘neath her arm.”

University of Montana Yearbook, 1916

One thought on “Mary Frances Garrigus ’18

  1. Hi, Bari,
    Just found out about the site in the state bar magazine! Love it and want to read it all. But Jeannette Rankin is 2 “N’s”!
    What a great project!


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