Dorothy Jeanne Mueller ’40

University of Montana School of Law, Class of 1940

Jeanne Mueller, Reunion Letter, written 1980:

” . . . . Following graduation from Law School in 1940 (Univ of Mont) I worked briefly for the Montana Power company and then went to Seattle, seeking fame and fortune, of course. (I gave up that quest some time ago.) I worked in the trust department of a very large bank for a year or so, maybe two. But, patriotic fever and itchy feet motivated me to join the Red Cross. After two weeks indoctrination and many inoculations I was sailing with about ten thousand troops to New Guinea on the ‘luxury liner” Lurline. Oh, it was so hot and so crowded. But, we ate with the officers and the food was good.
+++++In New Guinea, and later in the Philipines, I had various jobs, but most of my talent was directed toward making sandwiches and coffee at the canteens. It was hard, hot work, but there were rewarding experiences. I’ll always remember the spirit of friendliness and trust during those times. It might interest you that fellow Red Cross workers were Eleanor Larsen, Frances Cook and Angela McCormick all from Missoula, of course.
+++++At the end of the war I went to Europe with the Red Cross and then, because the Army of Occupation was needing lawyers, I became a civilian attorney in the Judge Advocate Division. This was fascinating and educational. And it gave me a wonderful opportunity to travel in Europe for three years in my own Army surplus jeep. I logged 20,000 miles, and gasoline only fifteen cents a gallon.
+++++In time I felt I should become repatriated, so I returned to the States. During the difficult adjustment period I decided color photography would appeal to me, but alas! This was one of my dismal failures. Well, not too dismal. I did sell some photos to calendar companies and others.
+++++Then I spent five years in Washington, D. C. in the public relations department of American Trucking Associations. If you still don’t love those big trucks — it’s not because I didn’t try. . . . But five years was enough of Washington and I went to Seattle where I was employed in public relations work.
+++++On the death of my father in 1963 I returned to Missoula to manage the tire business with my mother for ten years. Not my dish of tea, really, but I now know a lot about tires! Now we are retired and living in the beautiful Rattlesnake Valley, where we have a garden, a big yard and lots of work.
+++++I’m enjoying good health. I have flying grey hair and corns. Otherwise I haven’t changed a bit. I like to ski (cross-country), jog and square dance. I have been painting pictures (oils) for about ten years. More recently I began a career of playing the wooden flute (recorder) and spend many hours making music with friends, which is a great pleasure.
+++++I returned to Europe twice in the 1970’s. I toured Mexico extensively by automobile and thoroughly loved the people, the culture and the scenery. No bad experiences whatever. My mother passed away in 1989.

Jeanne Mueller, 5705 Wildcat Road, Missoula

Obituary — “D. Jeanne Mueller

+++++“A real sweetheart passed away on Jan. 24, 2006. D. Jeanne Mueller was truly one of God’s angels and we are grateful and happy that we had the chance to experience her sense of humor, penchant for the eccentric, feisty personality, inquisitive intellect and affection for all, especially her dogs.
+++++Jeanne was born July 2, 1917, in Columbus, the daughter of Oscar John Mueller and Marguerite Florence Buker Mueller. From the beginning Jeanne had a flair for the creative and immersed herself in music, the arts and books.
+++++More than anything else, Jeanne loved the outdoors. Throughout her life, she loved to hike, bike, walk, ski and play many sports. She loved her large garden and grew fruits and vegetables for her own consumption. She had bird feeders outside most of her windows and a pair of binoculars in the kitchen just for watching birds.
+++++On the creative side, Jeanne was a wonderful photographer and painter. With her saucy personality, she was always fun to be around and she loved to entertain as well as attend community events. She danced with a square dancing group well into her 70s.
+++++Jeanne lived in Missoula virtually all of her life and graduated from high school in 1934, Montana State University (later renamed the University of Montana) in 1938, and the School of Law in 1940. During World War II, Jeanne was in the Red Cross; she drove an ambulance and traveled to New Guinea and the Phillipines.
+++++Jeanne’s father started Mueller Tire Co. in Missoula in 1922, and after his death, Jeanne managed the business for many years. She was a charter member of the League of Women Voters and served as president from 1955 to 1957. Jeanne often traveled to Mexico and Europe with her mother.
+++++Jeanne loved the University of Montana and the stimulating atmosphere it offered people of all ages. In her later years she loved to travel with her caregivers around Missoula to see the sights, but she especially liked to go to lunch at the Missoula Club and ‘watch the people.’ . . . .
+++++Jeanne was preceded in death by her parents. She never married and is survived by her cousins Maggie Thompson Blumberg, Jon Thompson, Mark Thompson and Phil Thompson. . . .”

Missoulian, “D. Jeanne Mueller,” 4 February 2006


+++++2 July 1917, in Columbus, Montana


+++++Oscar Johannes Mueller and Marguerite Florence Buker




+++++A. B., University of Montana, 1938

Legal Education:

+++++LL.B., University of Montana School of Law, 1940


  • Montana Power Company
  • Trust Department, Seattle Bank of Commerce
  • American Red Cross (New Guinea, Philippines, somewhere in Europe)
  • Civilian attorney, Judge Advocate Division
  • Public Relations Department, American Trucking Association
  • Vice President — O.J. Mueller Tire Company

Admitted to Practice:

+++++Montana 1940


  • 3 poems published in Northwest Verse (H.G. Meriam ed., 1931)
  • 2 photographs published in Ideals Magazine (1952)


+++++24 January 2006, in Missoula, Montana

“State University Graduates Serving with Red Cross in Philippines; Find People There Very Friendly

+++++Miss Jeanne Mueller of Missoula, who has been overseas with the Red Cross for a long time, has written to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Mueller, that she is serving now in the Philippines and finds the natives there very friendly and loyal. Miss Angeles McCormick, another Missoula girl, is with the same unit.
+++++Miss Mueller found the native habitats dilapidated and the people poverty-stricken. But they remain gay and are overjoyed at their release from Japanese rule. The families live largely by the work of the women, who wash clothes for American troops and perform other domestic tasks.
+++++Miss Mueller, a graduate of the law school of Montana state university here, was employed in the trust department of a bank in Seattle when she joined the Red Cross. Miss McCormick also is a university graduate.
+++++The two close friends entered together and served together on New Guinea before transferral to the Philippines.”

Independent Record, 22 May 1945

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