September 5 — Women Lawyers’ News of the Day

September 5, 1889 — Daily Democrat

+++++“The first woman lawyer to make an argument before the Wisconsin Supreme court appeared before that august tribunal Wednesday in the person of Kate H. Pier. She created a sensation.”

September 5, 1934 — Evening News

+++++“Woman President Some Day Will Occupy White House, Mrs. Roosevelt Declares”

+++++“A woman President some day will occupy the White House, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt believes, but she does not think the nation is ready at present or in the immediate future to follow feminine leadership.
+++++This observation was made last night in an address in which the ‘First Lady’ pleaded for speedy settlement of the textile strike and urged newspapers not to glorify Dillinge
+++++Her reference to a woman President was considered in the nature of a reply to the prediction of Mrs. Lillian D. Rock, secretary of the National Association of Women Lawyers, that a woman President would be elected within her life span.
+++++‘I do not think it would be impossible to find a woman who could be President,’ said Mrs. Roosevelt, ‘but I hope that it doesn’t happen in the near future.  I do not think that we have yet reached the point where the majority of our people would feel satisfied to follow the leadership and trust the judgment of a woman as President.'”

September 5, 1958 — Independent Record (Helena, Montana)

+++++“Rights for Men”

+++++“While the United Nations has succeeded in winning the consent of most nations for international legal rights for married women, there is rising concern among women about the rights of men.
+++++At a Los Angeles convention of women lawyers from 40 nations, about half of whom are widows, action was proposed looking toward better working and home conditions for men. It was suggested that women could do much toward shortening the hours of labor for their men and contributing to their serenity.
+++++The reason is obvious. Women live eight years longer than men. In the United States women outnumber men by more than a million. The feminine gender is even more predominant in some other nations.
+++++Unless women are to become increasingly the bread-winning sex and civilization is forced into an accelerated trend to polygamy, women will quite properly make a crusade of their concern for the shortened life span of men.”

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