September 7 — Women Lawyers’ News of the Day

September 7, 1895 — The Times (Philadelphia)

+++++“A Lady Lawyer’s Lullaby.”

“Be still, my babe, remain in statu quo,
While I propel thy cradle to and fro.
Let no involved res inter allos
Prevail while we’re consulting inter nos.
Was that a little pain in medias res?
Too bad! too sad! we’ll have no more of these;
I’ll send a capias for some wise expert
Who knows how to eject the pain and stay the hurt.

No trespasser shall come to trouble thee,
For thou dost own this house in simple fee–
And they administrators, heirs, assigns,
To have, to hold, convey, at their designs.
Correct thy pleadings, my own baby boy;
Let there be no abatement of thy joy;
Quash every tendency to keep awake,
And verdict, costs and judgment thou shalt take.”

September 7, 1973 — Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

+++++“Do law firms discriminate against lady lawyers? Some do, some do. One study shows nine of out 10 such won’t even interview female attorneys, let alone hire same.”

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