Full-Fledged Girl Lawyer. Next.

25 October 1882 — Daily Yellowstone Journal

+++++“A Connecticut girl recently admitted as a full-fledged lawyer has her hands full of business, the little state seems to lead in the production of wonderful women. She [Connecticut] has already given to the world eight female circus riders, a modern Borgia, the Smith sisters of ‘Cow’ fame . . ., and Jennie Cramer, and now caps the climax with a female lawyer, who wears ready-made broadcloth pantaloons. Next.”

“Smith sisters of ‘Cow’ fame: http://connecticuthistory.org/the-smith-sisters-their-cows-and-womens-rights-in-glastonbury/

The Murder of Jennie Cramer: http://www.newenglandhistoricalsociety.com/jennie-cramer-new-havens-beautiful-victim-1881/

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