“Women Must Stand Mental Punishment to Be Success”

19 July 1919 — Evening News (Harrisburg, PA)

+++++“Women Must Stand Mental Punishment to Be Success In Any Profession, Says Los Angeles Girl Lawyer”carolinekellogg

+++++“Can a woman take punishment?
+++++That is, mental punishment — everybody knows she can stand the physical kind.
+++++If she can’t take mental punishment, she will not be a success in the legal profession.
+++++But if she can, she will, and will transform the profession to boot.
+++++That is the declaration of Caroline Kellogg, Los Angeles attorney and president of the Women Attorneys’ Club, which has fifty members.  Its purpose is to prove that women in law can be bigger than man in law, or even mother-in-law.
+++++‘There’s a great deal of mental punishment in the legal profession,’ says Miss Kellogg.  Law work is hard work. Any woman entering it as a snap had better look somewhere else.
+++++‘I have trained many young women for the law, and have found that the girl who cannot stand up well under the law course, which is difficult, is rarely able to do anything in practice afterward.
+++++But those who do well in the course, do well in practice.
+++++‘The common failing of women as attorneys, at the outset, is that they take too great a personal interest in their clients. They become emotionally worked up over the case, forgetting that as attorneys their sphere lies merely in making it easier for judge and jury to determine the facts and execute justice.
+++++‘This emotional quality makes men, both on the bench and in the jury box, inclined to laugh at women lawyers.  A little experience usually is the best and only remedy for this short-coming.  And then — look out.’
+++++Miss Kellogg believes that the invasion of the legal profession by women will result in the breaking down of the old time system known as ‘professional ethics,’ which she says has brought about many abuses in the past.
+++++‘Doctors and lawyers have been so “ethical,”‘ she says, ‘that they have kept away from the public much information which the public ought to have.
+++++‘It is part of the duty of the woman lawyer to spread her special knowledge of the problems learned from her clients, broadcast through the community.  Men attorneys are after the money, women are after principle and a better world.  So men attorneys often try to create trouble; women lawyers seek to prevent it.
+++++‘Personally, I aim to settle as many cases as possible out of court.  It results, doubtless, in smaller fees; but it saves much pain and disgrace, and often results in greater justice.
+++++‘Women in law will ultimately have a great effect upon the law itself.  Every day I encounter some angle of the law that could only have been created by the minds of men, working on masculine standards.  It is high time that women interpolated her conception of justice into the laws of the United States.
+++++‘I do not mean to say that the law should ever be entirely in the hands of women. Men cling to the practical, mundane; women to the emotional and the ideal.  Working together on equal terms, they strike the happy medium and accomplish the best results.'”

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