“Sweet Young Things in Marshal’s Office”

9 February 1938 — Helena Independent —
+++++“Sweet Young Things in Marshal’s Office Are Up Against It”

+++“Three sweet young things in the office of Deputy U. S. Marshall E. Liebing were disgruntled yesterday.
+++They are going to have to get their hands dirty. Because T. D. Quinn, administrative assistant to the attorney general, has ordered that all deputy U. S. marshals must be fingerprinted at once and their cards kept on file at Washington, D. C.
+++The news wasn’t disconcerting to Deputy Lieberg or Deputy O. D. Clark but to Deputies Lulu Witala, Josephine Harris and Lorene Burks it was. They didn’t like the idea of dipping dainty finger tips (and what about those lacquer nails?) into that gooey finger-printing ink. Or maybe they didn’t like the idea of never again being unable to duck an unwelcome boy friend because if your finger prints are on file in Washington you can always be found.
+++But those objections don’t mean a thing. Today the dainty little finger tips will be dipped into the ink and that will be that.”

Josephine Harris Sherwood, raised in Helena, schooled at Stanford University and Hastings Law College, was admitted to practice in California in 1901 and Montana in 1902, the third woman admitted to practice in Montana. In 1902, she married a lawyer who lived in San Francisco, California, and she settled there, although there’s evidence she practiced for a brief time in Montana, in 1902-1903. Sometime after 1908, she returned to Montana. For what appears to be a brief time (1937- 1938), she worked as a Deputy U.S. marshal in Helena. She died in 1942 in New York City.  PLEASE, anyone having more information about JHS, share it with me.

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