September 1 — Women Lawyers’ News of the Day

September 1, 1875 — Independent Record (Helena, Montana)

+++++“Mrs. Lincoln. Her Malady Yielding to the Influence of Medical Treatment”

+++++“A correspondent of the Chicago Evening Post and Mail, writing from St. Charles, in the vicinity of Bellevue asylum, says: ‘You will be glad to learn, and this is the first public intimation of it, that Mrs. Lincoln is pronounced well enough to leave the asylum and visit her sister, Mrs. Edwards, of Springfield. It is not likely she will return to Bellevue place, as there is some felling evinced in the matter of her incarceration by her friends, who refuse to believe her insane. A leading lady lawyer of Chicago has been with her much of late and with the assistance of her legal husband will assist Mrs. Lincoln’s restoration to the world. She is decidedly better; she sleeps and eats well, and shows no tendency to any mania, but whether the cure is permanent or not the test of active life and time will prove.'”

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