September 2 — Women Lawyers’ News of the Day

September 2, 1887 — York Daily

+++++“A recent calculation gives the number of women preachers in the United States as one hundred, women lawyers, fifty; and women doctors and dentists as over a thousand. . . .”

September 2, 1893 — Santa Cruz

+++++“Welcome to a Woman Lawyer.”

+++++“Miss Dora O. Sandoe, a young Georgia lady recently admitted to the bar, has made her first appearance in the trial of cases in the Georgia courts. With Mr. N. W. Dick, she defended a young man charged with robbery. When court adjourned for the noon recess, the judge came down from the bench, and approaching Miss Sandoe took her by the hand and cordially welcomed her to the court.”

September 2, 1900 — The Times (Philadelphia)

+++++“Oddest Law Firm in the United States–Man and Wife are Partners”

+++++“Probably the strangest law firm in the United States is Waring & Waring of this city. It is composed of Mr. W. W. Waring and Mrs. Lucy Thayer Waring, and is unique in law annals, being the first legal partnership on record whose members were husband and wife. It is only within the last several weeks that Mrs. Waring became a part of the firm and the occurrence has attracted considerable attention in legal and judicial circles.
+++++Mr. Waring has been for many years past an attorney of standing in this city, and his wife has been his invaluable assistant in the preparation of many of his most important cases. Finally it dawned on him that if she had the ability to prepare a case she should be able to try one, and the result was her entrance to the Buffalo School of Law.
+++++Mrs. Waring believes in doing things instead of talking about them, and as a consequence comes her admittance to the New York bar. For the last two years she has been a student in the Buffalo School of Law, travelling up to the city, fifty miles distance, every morning and back at night, taking care of her family of five children and keeping up her studies and household and social duties at the same time. Altogether during her course at the law school Mrs. Waring has traveled 35,000 miles and she feels that she has earned her LL. B. She took the oath as attorney and counselor before the appellate division of the Supreme Court at Rochester, and is the first woman lawyer in Cattaraugus county. Although the new firm is only in its infancy, it already enjoys a large and remunerative practice, the senior partner having, of course, been able to carry all his clients with him in the new enterprise.
+++++It is not Mrs. Waring’s intention to remain in the background and merely maintain her standing on her husband’s reputation. She is aggressive and determined, fully competent to handle any case which might present itself and has already tried several cases without the assistance of her husband. Her first appearance in court, alone, was made at Buffalo a few days since and she was received general commendation for her coolness and the skill with which she handled her case.
+++++Desiring to secure some authoritative details from Mrs. Waring concerning her career and her ambitions, your correspondent visited the firm of Waring & Waring at its office a few days since and was accorded the favor of a very entertaining chat. The desks of the two partners stand side by side and as an evidence that the junior partner does not permit her legal duties to displace her maternal sense, it may be mentioned that the chief ornament of Mrs. Waring’s desk is a photography of her two beautiful youngest children.
+++++Mrs. Waring is tall and commanding, well proportioned, possessing an attractive face and figure. There is nothing grotesque or mannish in her make-up. Her voice is most pleasing in tone, and while not extremely powerful, it possesses sufficient force to command attention. She was dressed in a close-fitting, tailor-made gown of black cloth, in which she appeared to excellent advantage. She is a blonde, with naturally curly hair, and wears eye glasses attached to her bodice by a guard of gold. A fleur-de-lis watch pin, from which was suspended a small gold piece, a diamond ring and her wedding ring constituted the only jewelry worn by this feminine follower of Blackstone.
+++++‘Yes,’ she said, with a laugh, pointing to the sign over the entrance, ‘that last “Waring” in the sign “Waring & Waring” represents me, and I question if any young lawyer receiving admission and preparing for his career ever felt more proud of his success or ambitious for the future than I do.’
+++++‘Does not your new vocation seem stranger to you?’
+++++‘Not at all. You seek, I am scarcely a novice. I have read law, studied and assisted in my husband’s office for many years, and consequently feel tolerably familiar with the work.’
+++++‘Don’t you expect to encounter some prejudice against a woman lawyer?’
+++++‘Certainly. I know that there are always some who are opposed to any kind of innovation, but judging from my experience in the law school, the proportion of those with such prejudice is quite small. Not only the number is small, but the men are small who hold such narrow views of woman’s sphere.’
+++++‘I am not supersensitive, however, and do not intend to permit the unreasonable opinions of antedated survivors of a past epoch to divert me from my course, or frighten me from my chosen profession.
+++++‘I do not expect to wholly overcome prejudice, and I shall not attempt it. I expect by doing well whatever business is intrusted to me, to earn and hold the confidence of my clients, and in time to do a fair proportion of the law business where located. Other women have succeeded as lawyers, and I see no reason why I should not do what other women have done.’
+++++‘What are your plans for the future? Shall you engage in any special line or endeavor to cultivate women as clients?’
+++++‘No, I shall stick to the regular professional line, the same as other lawyers and the same as my husband has done for years. We shall do all kinds of law business that comes to us from drawing chattel mortgages to trying law suits. We are in the law business for money and what fame we can get, and shall make no distinction on account of sex between future clients. I, personally, would as soon do business for a man as for a woman.’
+++++In connection with Mrs. Waring’s adoption of law as a profession, it is interesting to know that she first espoused the cause of art and was a painter of no mean ability.”

September 2, 1922 — Wichita Beacon

+++++“The Woman Lawyer”

+++++“The persistent refusal of Columbia University to admit women to its Law school has brought forth the following editorial comment from The Woman Citizen:
+++++‘Of course there isn’t any real argument in rebuttal. There is nothing essentially masculine about the profession of law. There is, to be sure, the detail that the laws to be administered were made by men, largely in the interests of men, but that is an additional reason for having women employed in their administration. The material that the law applies to is humankind, not merely mankind. Woman’s point of view is needed at the bar and on the bench, fifty-fifty, as it is needed in other departments of life; and it is specifically needed in children’s courts and courts of domestic relations. Moreover, the old notion that women never have the mystical endowment, the “legal mind,” has been well exploded, as witness a fairly long list of women lawyers (so many that it takes more than one special magazine to record their activities) and a growing list of impressive women judges and magistrates.’
List of Universities Open to Women Desiring to Study Law
+++++Boston University
+++++University of Chicago
+++++University of Michigan
+++++New York University
+++++Washington State
+++++University of California
+++++George Washington University
+++++Northwestern University
+++++Yale University
+++++Brooklyn Law School of St. Lawrence University”

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