“Two-Gun Gal Draws a Bead on Presidency” — Louise Replogle

May 25, 1949 — Richmond Times Dispatch

+++++“O. Louise Replogle, a two-gun [MONTANA] gal from the wild and wooly West, took a bead on the White House today and allowed as how she might aim to take it over as the first woman President around about 1980.
+++++Miss Replogle figures she has a running start on almost any other potential candidate — male or female — for commander-in-chief 31 years from now.
+++++And pardner, she’ll draw on the first hombre who challenges her.
+++++At the age of 25, the tall, pretty girl is serving her second term as county attorney of Fergus County, Mont.
+++++She’s a dead shot with an old-fashion frontier muzzle loading rifle and an expert at rounding up cattle while riding horseback.
+++++Miss Replogle was elected to the country attorney post at the tender age of 23, fresh out of the Montana State University law school. She used her feminine wiles for the good of the Republican party while her father, a devout Democrat, sat at home in Lewistown and fumed furiously.
+++++Bert Replogle thought he was getting even with his turncoat daughter when, as defense attorney in her first case, he gave her a sound legal spanking. But that didn’t stop her. She continued to live at home peacefully with the family and last year she was reelected with hardly any competition at all. The Democrats didn’t even nominate anyone to run against the crusading ‘favorite daughter’ of the bitterroot State. Now she’s thinking about plucking off juicier political plums in future elections.
+++++Miss Replogle stopped off in New York on her way home from a New York State Young Republican meeting at South Fallsburg, N. H.  As assistant secretary of the National Young Republican’s Club, she gave the delegates a pep talk that convinced anyone within shouting distance that Opal Louise Replogle was in the business of politics to stay.
+++++When she gets back home, Miss Replogle is going to conduct a big crusade to drive slot machines out of Fergus County, and she’ll take her case to the Supreme Court if she has to.  She said the 7,500 people in Lewistown are beginning to sit up and take notice of her work, instead of laughing and saying they could remember when Opal Louise was a chubby little girl in pigtails.
+++++‘The men have been very nice to me,’ she said, ‘although they’re probably hoping I’ll marry and settle down in the kitchen soon. The older lawyers have given me help when I needed it, and they don’t seem to object to having a woman running the legal end of the county.
+++++‘I guess they remember the day I won the Davey Crockett shooting match with an antique rifle and hardly any practice.  Some people have been calling me “One-Shot” Replogle ever since.  I do hope they were referring to my shooting and not to my success in politics.'”

[In 1956, Louise Replogle married Wellington Rankin, and, one year after he died, she married Jack Galt. She was active in the Republican party throughout her life.]

For more about Louise Replogle Rankin Galt, see https://mtwomenlawyers.org/1940-1949/opal-louise-replogle-rankin-galt-46/

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