“Woman’s Rights Horror” – Female Lawyers

27 February 1869 — Planters’ Banner

“Female Lawyers. — The Louisville Courier-Journal says:
+++++The last phase of the woman’s rights horror is the admission of a young lady to the St. Louis Law School. Nothing would be more likely to melt a jury than the appeals of youth and beauty in behalf of the offenders against the law. Where is the judge whose opinion could not be warped and he himself twisted around the dainty little finger of a fledgling legal duck of eighteen summers?
+++++In a breach of promise case your female lawyer would be overwhelming, her capacity to point the villainy of a faithless swain being derived from a practical experience perhaps. The young lady who has just been admitted to the St. Louis school has, however, no intention of becoming an attorney, a solicitor, or a barrister at law, but a professor! She will expound Blackstone and explain Coke upon Littleton to the future chief justices and attorney generals of the country.”

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